BCEA: An R package to perform Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

BCEA is a R library specifically designed to post-process the result of a Bayesian health economic evaluation. Typically, this consists in the estimation of a set of relevant parameters that can be combined to produce an estimation of suitable measures of cost (\(c\)) and clinical benefits (\(e\)) associated with an intervention. Within the Bayesian framework, this amounts to estimating a posterior distribution for the pair \((e,c)\). Health economic evaluations then proceed by computing some relevant summaries of the resulting decision process: is the innovative intervention \(t=1\) more “cost-effective” than the standard intervention \(t=0\)?

Cost-effectiveness acceptability curve plots

Introduction The intention of this vignette is to show how to plot different styles of cost-effectiveness acceptability curves using the BCEA package. Two interventions only This is the simplest case, usually an alternative intervention (\(i=1\)) versus status-quo (\(i=0\)). The plot show the probability that the alternative intervention is cost-effective for each willingness to pay, \(k\), \[ p(NB_1 \geq NB_0 | k) \mbox{ where } NB_i = ke - c \]

Set bcea() Parameters: Constructor and Setters

There are several arguments passed to bcea() to specify the form of the analysis. These are bcea(e, c, ref = 1, interventions = NULL, .comparison = NULL, Kmax = 50000, wtp = NULL, plot = FALSE) Those of interest here are: ref is the reference intervention group to compare against the other groups. .comparisons are the groups to compare against ref. The default is all of the non-ref groups.

Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis with the R package BCEA

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BCEAweb: A web-application to front-end the R package BCEA

BCEAweb is a front-end that can be used to access many of the functionalities of the R package BCEA. It can be accessed here.